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Our 5 stage service plan

Working with Eclipse gives our clients access to our high quality PlastiCol masterbatch, custom produced to deliver outstanding results. We can promise our clients the highest degree of satisfaction due to our rigorous approach to service and open communication channels. We are more than a supplier – we are a true partner in achieving technical excellence.

Stage 1 – Specification

This foundation stage is crucial to the ultimate success of a project. Eclipse takes the time to listen, to question and to understand before we make any recommendations. Sometimes clients come to us with a clear idea of what they need to order (possibly based on their orders with another supplier) but in many cases we can reduce the amount of masterbatch that they need to order due to the superior quality of our pigment and accurate usage calculations. This stage is very much about understanding how you work. At this point we will also discuss any other requirements your end product needs to have such as anti bacterial properties, light reflective characteristics and so on, in order to determine which masterbatch is going to be right for you.

As colour technology moves forward, we stay at the forefront to offer our clients elements that are new and innovative to keep them ahead of the competition. A chat with us can open up a myriad of new possibilities.

Stage 2 – Colour Matching

We match to RAL, Pantone and British Standard Colours as well as colour swatches or existing products. Many companies can match, but for us a match is only a match if it’s a perfect match on colour and end product functionality. Our colour plaques prove just how consistent and true our colours stay over time and over multiple orders – we hold colour plaques for every Eclipse client and it’s the benchmark for what we do.

Stage 3 – Production & Quality Control

The Eclipse facility in West Yorkshire houses our state of the art PlastiCol production facilities, operated by skilled professionals with on-site technical support. We hold significant amounts of pigment in stock and have the production capability to fulfil low or high volume orders extremely quickly and accurately. If you need precision colour in a hurry, contact Eclipse and our integrated team will work swiftly to assist.

Prior to any order leaving our premises, every PlastiCol order is subjected to rigorous testing and quality control. This means that our products arrive at their destination in perfect condition to deliver outstanding results, first time and every time. Quality is something that we never compromise on.

Stage 4 – Delivery & Supply Chain Management

Our dispatch and delivery service with a trusted carrier network means products are dispatched rapidly and transported safely to their destination. Packed appropriately and robustly and clearly labelled, many of our products are destined for overseas locations. You will receive notifications from us at every stage of the process so you know when exactly when your PlastiCol order will be arriving and can plan your production schedule appropriately.

We can also improve your supply chain management by holding key masterbatch stocks here at Eclipse, ready to be draw down for same day delivery when required to reduce lead times whilst freeing up your warehouse space. We will look after your custom-blended PlastiCol and keep it in perfect condition ready to be sent out to when you call. For many customers, especially those with multiple sites drawing on one ‘pool’ of stock can be a valuable service.

Stage 5 – After Sales Support

The story doesn’t end for Eclipse once the masterbatch reaches you. Any questions or production issues and our technical team is right here waiting to take your call. We can even come and see you in person to make sure that everything’s running just as it should. This is just one of the many ways that Eclipse delivers value to our clients – value through knowledge and value through colour.

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