Rain, sleet, sun, snow, mud – you name it, if it’s destined for the garden then the colour has got to be able to withstand all the elements without fading. Our clients in this sector particularly value our access to UV stable pigments and the time we take to really understand what their products are subjected to throughout their lifetime to make sure we create the right masterbatch.

Colour can also be highly synonymous with a brand – think orange lawnmower, think yellow garden hose. The colour has to be right to reinforce the message of investing in a quality product, a household name that’s been trusted for generations. Whether a product is for heavy duty work (chainsaws, lawn mowers) or something for the kids to dance around in on the hottest days of the year whilst the lawn is watered (sprinklers and hoses), Eclipse has got the right colour and the right technology to colour any outdoor plastic product.

HozelockHusqvarna“Excellent overall service and flexibility, Eclipse are one of our best suppliers.”
Louise Battye, Commodity Manager – Plastics & Packaging, Husqvarna