Here are just a few of the industry sectors we work with to demonstrate our sector specific expertise. However, we can provide PlastiCol masterbatch for almost any type of plastic so please contact us for specific detail about how we might be able to help your business when it comes to colour.

Food packaging

Food Packaging

Eclipse works with plastic product manufacturers across the UK and Europe to deliver masterbatch for containers that protect and preserve foodstuffs without tainting....continue reading.



Colour can make even the most practical of products attractive and consistent with a colour or interior design theme....continue reading.

New product inovation

New Product Innovation

Designing and developing a new product is a creative process with scope for trying out new ideas, testing and refining until a product is ready to market....continue reading.



Whether plastic furniture needs to be functional or decorative or a mixture of both, Plasticol from Eclipse gives the perfect colour first time and every time....continue reading.



The way products are packaged and presented in the beauty and cosmetics industry can be almost as important as the contents themselves. ...continue reading.

Industrial products & packaging

Industrial Products & Packaging

Colour plays a major role in safety messaging, robust containment and also protects against UV light for industrial products. ...continue reading.

Caps & Closures

Caps & Closures

Colour can play an important part in enabling customers to quickly and accurately select a product, as well as being a safety feature to flag up...continue reading.

Leisure & toys

Leisure & Toys

Good colour is conducive to stimulating or calming the senses through play or through relaxation. ...continue reading.

Gardening products

Gardening Products

Rain, sleet, sun, snow, mud – you name it, if it’s destined for the garden then the colour has got to be able to withstand all the elements without fading....continue reading.

Counters & retail environments

Counters & Retail Environments

We are a partner of choice to many shopfitting manufacturers who strive to deliver a true customer experience through the retail environments they create....continue reading.