Dearing Plastics

Dearing To Be Different With Eclipse

Since its formation in 1986 Dearing Plastics has become established as a leader in the field of plastic mouldings manufacture, gaining an impressive reputation for quality, reliability and technical expertise. Dearing Plastics partner with Eclipse to fulfill all of their masterbatch requirements.

The Hull-based company has the capability to produce a wide variety of complex components in an extensive range of materials, and has the flexibility to undertake both high volume and small batch operations with equal efficiency. Managing Director, Andy Dearing, explains “We excel in working closely with our clients to bring bespoke products to market, and often the selection and inclusion of colour can play a key role in this. Under our own name, Dearing Plastics also manufactures items such as first aid kit boxes, where colour is an important factor for safety and immediate identification of the product. Our range of Hobby Boxes is proving very popular, and the right colours make these storage and organisation products more than just functional – it makes them attractive and fashionable.”

Thorough Yet Personal

With over 27 years’ experience in the plastics industry, Andy has high expectations when it comes to his masterbatch and is highly satisfied with the service that Eclipse provides on all levels, saying:

“Eclipse are very thorough but yet I still feel that the service I receive is truly personal – they care about the detail and getting things right. This attention to detail and ‘right first time’ approach is probably why I have very few colour-related production issues but if I ever do need help or advice, I know that I only have to call and they will do their utmost to help me out. They are a good team and our relationship has become a true partnership over the years – I only buy masterbatch from Eclipse.”

Andy and his team provide a comprehensive service covering every aspect of manufacture; from initial design and development through to final production. “A big part of what I do is to help customers to develop and refine their products – sometimes the starting point can literally be a blank piece of paper, other times it might be an existing product which they wish to re-engineer but we work with our clients collaboratively to achieve great results. I like to think that we inspire people to think differently about plastic and what it can do for them and their business; and colour can be a key factor in delivering that that all-important product differentiation and brand re-inforcement. Eclipse match quickly and precisely to the colour references I give them.”

Environmental Considerations

Since he first entered the industry, Andy has witnessed first hand the changes in colour technologies and the move away from harmful metal-based pigments, saying;

“We have a responsibility to the environment which many of our clients share. More and more people are asking how we can engineer plastics that are more eco-friendly and the pigments from Eclipse support us in this area. With Eclipse I can always be sure that I’m getting the latest and safest pigments.”

In a fast-moving industry, Dearing Plastics are also keen to minimise any downtime in their production facility and for this reason they particularly value Eclipse’s fast turnaround times. Talking about Eclipse’s long-standing connection with Dearing Plastics, James Ruddy, Managing Director says “Andy and his team really know their craft inside out, so it’s testimony to the quality of our product that Eclipse is their chosen supplier for colour. We mirror Dearing Plastics’ creative approach and are proud to play a part in enabling them to produce products that place them firmly at the forefront of their industry.”

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